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Rain and Sunshine 08/07/2010

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…and hello Mexico! Because after Wifi crashing in Mitsukyo, India opened her gates instead. 

Umbrella time! 😀

It was just a short meeting in India’s town, ‚cause they wanted to see my Sunshine, too. 

The last pic is in front of her house.

It’s PINK!!! (and cool of course :P)
Two minutes later we all traveled to Sunshine, my new designed Zelda town! Yay!

I think you liked my chicken race, eh?

Wow, so many photos from yesterday. But that’s it for now, Bye bye!


Fun with Miki, India and Ace 08/07/2010

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Yesterday I went to Miki’s town Mitsukyo!

Aw, she was such a cute little bunny ♥ King Ace & Gracie girl India were there, too. (Maybe you can’t see it on this pic but she’s wearing Gracie’s top ^^) 

 I explored the town and found this green guy:

„Miki, your frog is watching me O.O“
But the bridge design looks really good, great work!

Well, now look at this photos, we had a little net fight on flying clouds^^


Then WiFi crashed, argh!! I know, my connection is always bad, sorry! 😦 
So good bye Mitsukyo…

My new friend Revyn 08/01/2010

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Last evening Revyn invited me to come to his town, woohooo! When I asked Cooper Haradon was already open.


I was really surprised about so many golden roses! Wonderful, I couldn’t say more than „Wow“…^^ Well, now you want to see Revyn, right? Here is a little picture of us:

Yeah Revyn, give me a smile, you look sooooo cute!

But then I had to go, really sad that I couldn’t stay longer! Bye Revyn, hope we can meet up soon again ^-^

Flower power in Sydney 07/16/2010

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Today I visited a new friend: Chanelle from Sydney!
(My first WiFi meeting, by the way) Sydney is a wonderful town: Money trees and colorful flowers everywhere!

Wow, that’s so beautiful!

 Then another person came. It was Chanelle’s friend Valerie, she’s very nice and I photographed a group picture with her. Here it is:

Left to right: Chanelle, (cute face :3) Mona (with crown :D) and
Valerie (we have the same eyes^^)

But that’s not all!
Sophia from Italy came to look at the wonderful flowers of Sydney, too.
 And she gave me her Mario cap, ‚cause Mona begins also with „M“. Really nice!

Before I went back to Sunshine, I wrote a little comment for Chanelle. It was something like: „Chanelle, your town is wonderful. I hope I can come back, soon.“


Bye bye 🙂

Hey there! 07/12/2010

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Hello dear visitors, that’s my first Animal Crossing Wild World photo blog entry and I start with an big animal! 😀

 Yes, it’s a shark. He was my first ACWW friend :3

I’ll upload more pictures soon.


 About WiFi
 It works great, so now I can visit other towns with my friend code:  1162-4091-2394. Wanna add me?